a new dog in town.

My husband sweet talked to me into another dog.

We lost our wirehair two Thanksgivings ago. I loved that dog. As my husbands says “taking Birdy our lab pheasant hunting is just not her thing”. She is amazing duck dog. But pheasants is just to much work !

So two weeks ago we set off on a journey that took us  a whole day to find this dog. But he was worth it.


Hi name is Monte. He is 6 months old and weighs 67 pounds. He is a big boy. And very full of life. He actually lives in the house with us. Which goes against all that I believe in. Our little dog Oliver lives inside but he weighs 15 pounds and acts like an old man.

But actually he is a good boy.

So last week our other dog birdy has had a cyst on her tit for the last two years . The doctor had said it was not cancer so my husband never done anything with it. So Monte and Birdy were playing like crazy and Birdy wakes up last Wednesday and cant even walk. I was so freaked out. And she didn’t want to eat. So my husband ended up taking her to the vet they couldn’t find anything wrong with her and sent her home with some pain meds.

So the next day she was takes up and that cyst is had grown to like 5 times the size it was. When they were play fighting it ended up rupturing. It was not good.

So she ended up having emergency surgery. And to much money later. She is feeling better. Not healed but better.


This was her the day we brought her home. She was so happy. She is now hanging out in our laundry room for at least a week. Which it has only been 4 days and she is going stir crazy.


And as for Oliver. He is just not happy he has to share me with another pooch. Who is 50 pounds bigger than him.

It has been lets just say I love them but yesterday I had enough of the dog situation and needed a break.

I feel like I got 6 kids.

But I am thankful.


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