right now.


Reading. Brene Brown (love her)

Blogs. Karen Russell

Addicted. To PInterest

Food. The green Machine for my breakfast every day.

Goals. Working out at least 5 days a week.

Words. Every night I write down at least 3 three I am thankful for.

In my Heart. Jesus. He never leaves.

Listening. To Morgan take her bath.

Thankful. For love.

Quotes. Never ever give up.

Laughter. It takes the edge off of life.

Things. The word true has become my beacon.

Love. My family more than they will ever fathom.

Prey. for peace (even though my grandmother says that is bad to do that.)

Real. Keeping it real with myself of who I am.

Accepting. That I can not control others. I can only control how I am going to deal with it.

Right now. Looking at all these pictures of my kids. And how darn lucky I am to have them in my life.

Goals. Always keep them in my mind. But lately I have writing then down.

Trying not to. look at my calendar or I get overwhelmed. So I take it day by day.






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2 responses to “right now.

  1. I’ve got to ask where you are in the photo with this post. I love the unique angle you’ve got on the city, the lines and the seagull.

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