Project Life.

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I am catching up. Not to far behind. Maybe a couple weeks. I am still up in the air about December. Since I did the December Daily.

I keep these pages very simple. I like it that way. I like to be creative but I always feel rushed. I don’t like that feeling. I am like I am never going to get caught up.

But it is such  a good outlet.

I have a couple kits: dear lizzy and polka dot party. But I just wasn’t feeling it. So I just sifted through my paper. This is the first week I didn’t use the same design. I was short pictures and didn’t have that much to write about so I just slipped a regular protector on the right. That’s ok.

I think I am on a blog roll. Feeling motivated to get things done !

Thanks for vising my blog !



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December Daily 2013


If you click on the about picture it will take you to my December Daily book. Sorry for the shakiness. I am still trying to figure out how to tape ?




Its  been fun but I was glad when I got done with it. And then finally able to tape and take pictures of this beast !

Hope you are inspired !


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Last year my word was “value”.

I didn’t do very much with my word as far as documentation but it was  always in my heart. I think towards the end of the year our lifes totally changed and what I valued the most was keeping my family together. I am not going to lie the last two years have been life changing for me and my husband. I think as you grow with your partner you change but deep inside if the roots are firmly deep you can withstand the hellest of storms.

Well this year the word came to me “true”.

I am going to make some statements since we are at Jan 01. And tell you  what I believe “true” means for me.

When I think of the word the first word that comes to my mind is real. And for me true in my heart is being real with myself about my life. What I firmly believe in. True to my feelings even if others don’t like it. True to my beliefs that I belief Jesus Christ died on the cross so I could be free. True with my kids even if the truth hurts.

What I believe to be true might not be true two weeks from now or six months from now.

So with that said I just decided I am going to sign up for Ali Edwards one little word for 2014.

I am actually excited.

To see where this word takes me.

Hope you all had a wonderful 2013 !

Until next time.





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December Daily.

DDCoverlores DDFRontPageLores DDPageEIGHTLores DDPageFIVELores DDPageFOURLores DDPageOneLores DDPageSEVENLores DDPageSIXLores DDPageTHREELores DDPageTWOLores

Well I am trying to keep up. I have the last two days to get done. This is my first time doing this and I love it. It is creative and there is an ending. I love that. I love Christmas especially with Morgan she is so happy and excited everyday she wakes up and asks is it Chritmas Eve Yet ? I laugh and say No ! I think that is  my favorite part are the stories I tell the everyday things that I will probably forget. I love those moments. I think that is for it now ! I just posted all these on Pinterest. I love pInterest the ideas are endless and keeps my creative juices flowing until next time. ! xooxo

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I am thinking about Christmas. What Santa is going to bring to my kids.

I am cleaning. My kids have been sick and I usually clean but when they are sick I go into the real cleaning mode.

I have made promises  to myself that I will keep. One of them included working out at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week.

God is present in my life more than ever. I need him more than ever.

The truth doesn’t always mean you have to say it outloud.

I carry around a lot of hurt from people. I work on it daily to go on but sometimes it is hard. But I know God has my back. He heals a lot.

I am always reminded life is every changing. What was yesterday is not was is today.

Joyce Meyers. Oh my Goodness. She is AMAZING ! Truth stirrer.

I will be brave. Because I  have known no other.

Thinking constantly about school and homework and grades.

I am thankful for laughter.



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this little boy.


This is my nephew.

He is my brothers kid. I have had a very rocky relationship with my brother for most of my life. I am like my dad and he doesn’t like my dad (which is his dad also.)

But this little boy no matter how you cut the butter is my nephew. And I love him.

My brother is divorced ( he was barely married.)

And since this little boy has been born he has been a sickly boy.

There is so much history to our family it would really be a painful confusing story to tell it. And I try to not think about it because it never will change anything.

The only normalcy he really has is my mother. And we only see him when he is with my mother. She watches him on Fridays.

But when we get to see him it is nice. He doesn’t speak very much.

He was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years old. He is a quiet boy that probably has seen more bad stuff than I ever have.

When him and Morgan are together it all just withers away and he just smiles and laughs as he is irritating her it is really like watching me and my brothers reinacted life when we were young.

He has since started a special school. Where he will get special attention and hopefully start to talk .

My mom actually told me that the other day he counted to three. Which I know compared to a lot of 3 year old its nothing but for him it is a big mountain.

The road is long, but with much love and prayer I know he will make it.

He loves my camera and always wants to see it. Which makes my heart happy.

He has really changed my life the way I think about things the way I look at life. And how humble love really is.

And I am thankful for that.

If I could take this away from him I would.

But all I do is love him. And Morgan loves him.

And when he is here for a couple hours it is just a touch of normalcy. He loves to be outside and loves the water like no other.

He plays and watches the dogs and loves light sabers and Wyatts legos.

He is a special little boy.

I prey for him often and he is a lot In my thoughts for God to watch over him. Which I know he does.




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Sorry for a not so nice picture. Just snapped it really fast with my iphone.

Back to this post.

I grew up in not so religious home. I was baptized Catholic and maybe  went to church less that ten times before I was 18.

But when I turned 18 I was working at Sears and this older women had invited me to church and I started going. I think around that age I started questioning my life. What am I going to do ? What is my purpose ? All those I am think to much into things kind of questions.

So I really liked it and felt this strong relationship with the Lord.

And I have been off and on going to  church, I know he has never left my side. I think just life gets busy. And it is hard, I am the only person really wanting this.

I don’t always think you must attend a church to have a relationship with the Lord but it does help to keep your mind and heart on the right track.

I think the last years of my life has been so hard. But I know he has never left me. I spent many times preying and crying out to him to release me from certain things.

I think that the biggest thing is our kids. I look at them. And see what this world is like.

That is scary for me.

So the last months it is just been in my heart like Nicole Prather you need to do this not just for you but your kids.

I often feel God is talking to me. Telling me.

We can chose to listen or we can chose to disobey what he tells us. No matter the price.

Its only for the good of myself and my family.

So two weeks ago we went all together including my husband. It was nice.

It helps keep me focused on the bigger picture of life. Its keeps my mind calm. And being around people that are the same as you. Knowing that just because you love God doesn’t  mean the road is easy. But knowing he is by our side makes it easier.

I watch my kids and it makes me at peace. Like Yes we are doing the right thing. In the end for me I want to make sure I did everything in my power to try and secure them with an everlasting life. For them to know God is always with them. This life there are no limits if you believe.

There are a lot of things about me that I don’t like. I cant change it all in the same day but reading the word has really helped me. I want to be a better wife. A better person period.

I believe that you are always growing and changing what I was yesterday doesn’t mean I have to be that person today.

Well I am off to work on Project Life (well attempt to ! )

Hope you have a magical day.



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nat1lo nat3lo nat4lo nat7lo nat11lo

She is 14.

She loves to read. Everyday. All the time.

Favorite Color Red

Favorite Food I would say pizza

Her favorite subject History or Science

Her favorite accessory A hat

She has a deep love for movies.

She is determined.

She is a dreamer.

She is a creator.

She is my beauty.

She reminds me so much of her daddy.

She has an unbelievable recall. Knowledge she is like a sponge.

School is so important to her. Straight As.

She is my oldest. I was 22 when I had her.

She is a simple girl.

She hates when I call her a lady. Reminds her of old I think.

I call her Nelly or Nell. ( when she was a little girl on the playground like 4 she met this girl and they were playing and the girl thought her name was Nell so I thought it was so cute). It has stuck with me and she only lets me call her that.

She likes to be called a nerd.

Her daddy thinks she can do no wrong.

She makes me proud.

I love her.


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morgandorothy1lo morgandorothy2lo morgandorothy3lo morgandorothy4lo morgandorothy5lo morgandorothy6lo morgandorothy7lo

Morgan has changed her costumes I don’t know how many times. But two weeks ago she said I want to be Dorothy.

I went with it.

She loves that movie. I think it is her love for musicals.

But I sure do think she makes the most beautiful Dorothy.

She likes to put her costume on and watch Wizard of Oz and sing and play the whole movie out. Which I think is adorable.

There is one thing about her is that she keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh !

I sure do love her.


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We have made the journey.

I finished up on Saturday and was so happy and relieved. I never leave a project in complete. In the video I talk about the process and some thoughts.


My video  can be seen here !  ( when I uploaded it it was sideways I edited it but it says it takes a while to fix so if it is still sideways I am sorry !)

Enjoy !




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