The rest of 2013. Project life.



This week was special for me. Donating to Samaritans purse was amazing. Dropping off the presents it was awesome.

pl3 pl4

This is probably one of my favorite spreads. The colors. I felt fall when I looked at this layout and I loved it. I have so much old stash I just started rummaging through it all and found a lot of papers I could use. I love heavy weight cardstock. It is my favorite. And adding some sewing inexpensive way to jazz it up.


One thing I don’t do as much as I would like to  is add digital stuff on to my pictures. That is another way to add dimension. I did this in photoshop but you can easily do this in elements also.


I did a one page spread for Thanksgiving. I had so many photos but I just wanted to pick the highlights for me. I think the simplicity of this layout for me at least is amazing.


I really thought so long on what I was going to do for DD2013. Add the pictures or not. But since I was behind I decided I would do this one page spread of the highlights for me for those 25 days. They can find the book and see everything that happened.


I didn’t do very much journaling for this spread. But I am ok with that. I am a person that love pictures and let them tell the story is good for me. On the bottom right. I love photo collages. Simple and Amazing.


And ended this year with what are highlights were for 2013. I love the handwriting. When we look back we will see the evolution of our life remembering back to that moment.

Project Life no matter how you document it. I believe is such a life changing thing.

You can make it whatever you want.

It is your journey no one elses.

So moving on to 2014.




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2 responses to “The rest of 2013. Project life.

  1. I love how you ended your PL2013. Nice and simple. The pages with mostly photos are my favourite. You have such wonderful photography skills!

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