mini meatloafs.

meatloaf1 meatloaf2 meatloaf3 meatloaf4 meatloaf5 meatloaf6 meatloaf7 meatloaf8 meatloaf9 meatloaf10

Ok I have taken my mothers meatloaf amped it up a notch and made it a little cuter !

Recipe :

Preheat oven to 350.

1 1/2 pounds of hamburger meat. The one shown above I bought from Sams club it is a little fattier than I usually buy. It was still good. But I usually buy the leanest hamburger meat I can.

1 egg.

Grate some onion. As much as you like. I usually put in like 1/4 cup.  I think gives it some moistness.

Cheese. We use Colby jack around here but whatever you have around will be good. I grate probably like almost 1 cup. I never measure !

Saltine Crackers. I  use 3/4 of the package ground them up with rolling pin. I use a bag to ground them.

Salt and pepper to taste of course !

Put all into the bowl as shown above.

I then get my cupcake tin ready I spray it with a non stick spray. They probably wouldn’t stick but I don’t like to take the chance !

Mix it all up.

Then form into meatballs. And place into tin. I make a ball then flatten.

Topping :

I never measure this ! I am sorry.

But I put probably like a cup and a half ketchup a quarter size of mustard and 2 heaping tablespoons brown sugar. Mix well.

And then add to the top of the meatloafs.


Cook for about 25 minutes. I usually temp mine to at least 170. But I am not a cooking professional so it is probably less than that and you will be ok.

And you are ready to eat !

I serve mine with mashed potatoes.

This is not the healthiest recipe but it is so good.

And meatloaf is just comfort food to me !

Enjoy !




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  1. Now I’m hungry for meatloaf! This is a great idea by the way!

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