the beginning.

PLBeginlores PLendlores

For practically the last week I have been scrappin my heart out. Got to get done.

I wanted to finish up 2013 and get my beginning page for 2014.

And I did.

For the last page of 2013 I had the kids write down the highlights 0f 2013 for them. When I get a chance I am going to photograph the last weeks and post them.

But I wanted to highlight 2013.

It was funny that when I asked Natalie to give me her best 2013 she was like I am not sure ?? Then she looked back at the book and then it brought back all the memories of what she did. That is what I love about this project a weekly diary of our Prather life.

As of right now I am going to keep it to a minimal I do love love it. But sometimes it felt like a job instead of fun. I never want to feel that way about scrapbooking.

So this year I think I am going to just do one page spreads with a lot of it done on the computer. I am thinking that will really simplify the process.

We will see.

Lets roll the highlight reel :

the birth of my niece Stella Marie.

leading the cupcake decorating group.

watching wyatt play baseball.

morgans 3rd birthday.

Brandon coaching.

my dad coming up to see us a lot more.

my birthday with my family.


seeing my grandpa todd I don’t know how long its been ?

Natalie winning fashion revue.

growing a garden.

Natalie being on the California junior Scholarship foundation

Natalie going to state fashion revue.

visiting the property.

date nights at sonic with my love.

Courtney getting married.

visting with the Thompsons

moving to Sutter.

wyatts 10th birthday.

watching Natalie swim all summer.

Wyatt winning Reserved Grand Champion Chickens

Natalie winning Grand Champion.

Visiting Petaluma.

Visiting the Beach.

Wyatt going to a Giants Game.

Natalie getting braces.

Morgan going to preschool.

Rolands birthday.

Natalie running for president.

Aunt Middys 90th birthday.

Going to the pumpkin patch

Natalies birthday

my loves birthday party.

Morgan being Dorothy.

Attending church. Rededicating our life.

Shopping dates with my family.

Natalie getting straight As

Samaritans purse.

The hunger games.

Feeding the homeless.

Austin David is born.

Brandon dressing up like Santa.


Sacramento. A carriage ride.

Austin dressing up like Santa.

Ice skating.


Thanksgiving Dinner with my little family.

I think that just about covers it.

Life is an adventure. Sometimes rocky. A lot of laughter. So many happy tears. So much proudness.

I am blessed.






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2 responses to “the beginning.

  1. Brandon

    Busy year !!!!!

  2. I wish we lived closer and were more than blogging/Instagram friends! I could soak up all your creativity. :)

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