Last year my word was “value”.

I didn’t do very much with my word as far as documentation but it was  always in my heart. I think towards the end of the year our lifes totally changed and what I valued the most was keeping my family together. I am not going to lie the last two years have been life changing for me and my husband. I think as you grow with your partner you change but deep inside if the roots are firmly deep you can withstand the hellest of storms.

Well this year the word came to me “true”.

I am going to make some statements since we are at Jan 01. And tell you  what I believe “true” means for me.

When I think of the word the first word that comes to my mind is real. And for me true in my heart is being real with myself about my life. What I firmly believe in. True to my feelings even if others don’t like it. True to my beliefs that I belief Jesus Christ died on the cross so I could be free. True with my kids even if the truth hurts.

What I believe to be true might not be true two weeks from now or six months from now.

So with that said I just decided I am going to sign up for Ali Edwards one little word for 2014.

I am actually excited.

To see where this word takes me.

Hope you all had a wonderful 2013 !

Until next time.






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