December Daily.

DDCoverlores DDFRontPageLores DDPageEIGHTLores DDPageFIVELores DDPageFOURLores DDPageOneLores DDPageSEVENLores DDPageSIXLores DDPageTHREELores DDPageTWOLores

Well I am trying to keep up. I have the last two days to get done. This is my first time doing this and I love it. It is creative and there is an ending. I love that. I love Christmas especially with Morgan she is so happy and excited everyday she wakes up and asks is it Chritmas Eve Yet ? I laugh and say No ! I think that is  my favorite part are the stories I tell the everyday things that I will probably forget. I love those moments. I think that is for it now ! I just posted all these on Pinterest. I love pInterest the ideas are endless and keeps my creative juices flowing until next time. ! xooxo


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  1. On the pictures that you have print overlay, do you put the print on the pictures in Photoshop and just print the picture with the writing on it or is writing on the sleeve?

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