this little boy.


This is my nephew.

He is my brothers kid. I have had a very rocky relationship with my brother for most of my life. I am like my dad and he doesn’t like my dad (which is his dad also.)

But this little boy no matter how you cut the butter is my nephew. And I love him.

My brother is divorced ( he was barely married.)

And since this little boy has been born he has been a sickly boy.

There is so much history to our family it would really be a painful confusing story to tell it. And I try to not think about it because it never will change anything.

The only normalcy he really has is my mother. And we only see him when he is with my mother. She watches him on Fridays.

But when we get to see him it is nice. He doesn’t speak very much.

He was diagnosed with Autism at 2 years old. He is a quiet boy that probably has seen more bad stuff than I ever have.

When him and Morgan are together it all just withers away and he just smiles and laughs as he is irritating her it is really like watching me and my brothers reinacted life when we were young.

He has since started a special school. Where he will get special attention and hopefully start to talk .

My mom actually told me that the other day he counted to three. Which I know compared to a lot of 3 year old its nothing but for him it is a big mountain.

The road is long, but with much love and prayer I know he will make it.

He loves my camera and always wants to see it. Which makes my heart happy.

He has really changed my life the way I think about things the way I look at life. And how humble love really is.

And I am thankful for that.

If I could take this away from him I would.

But all I do is love him. And Morgan loves him.

And when he is here for a couple hours it is just a touch of normalcy. He loves to be outside and loves the water like no other.

He plays and watches the dogs and loves light sabers and Wyatts legos.

He is a special little boy.

I prey for him often and he is a lot In my thoughts for God to watch over him. Which I know he does.





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2 responses to “this little boy.

  1. Sam

    He is adorable!
    What a blessing you are to him because I can see u now fun and loving and silly and thoughtful like u are with my kids.
    With God looking out for him and the work and help of family and his parents he will improve I’m sure.
    Precious he is, fearfully and wonderfully made!

  2. This is sad, sweet, and beautiful.

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