Sorry for a not so nice picture. Just snapped it really fast with my iphone.

Back to this post.

I grew up in not so religious home. I was baptized Catholic and maybe  went to church less that ten times before I was 18.

But when I turned 18 I was working at Sears and this older women had invited me to church and I started going. I think around that age I started questioning my life. What am I going to do ? What is my purpose ? All those I am think to much into things kind of questions.

So I really liked it and felt this strong relationship with the Lord.

And I have been off and on going to  church, I know he has never left my side. I think just life gets busy. And it is hard, I am the only person really wanting this.

I don’t always think you must attend a church to have a relationship with the Lord but it does help to keep your mind and heart on the right track.

I think the last years of my life has been so hard. But I know he has never left me. I spent many times preying and crying out to him to release me from certain things.

I think that the biggest thing is our kids. I look at them. And see what this world is like.

That is scary for me.

So the last months it is just been in my heart like Nicole Prather you need to do this not just for you but your kids.

I often feel God is talking to me. Telling me.

We can chose to listen or we can chose to disobey what he tells us. No matter the price.

Its only for the good of myself and my family.

So two weeks ago we went all together including my husband. It was nice.

It helps keep me focused on the bigger picture of life. Its keeps my mind calm. And being around people that are the same as you. Knowing that just because you love God doesn’t  mean the road is easy. But knowing he is by our side makes it easier.

I watch my kids and it makes me at peace. Like Yes we are doing the right thing. In the end for me I want to make sure I did everything in my power to try and secure them with an everlasting life. For them to know God is always with them. This life there are no limits if you believe.

There are a lot of things about me that I don’t like. I cant change it all in the same day but reading the word has really helped me. I want to be a better wife. A better person period.

I believe that you are always growing and changing what I was yesterday doesn’t mean I have to be that person today.

Well I am off to work on Project Life (well attempt to ! )

Hope you have a magical day.




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2 responses to “conviction.

  1. I hear ya! And man did this slap me across the face! I needed this friend! Michael is the assistant pastor at our church and sometimes I feel like I HAVE to go to church, it’s so much work, yada yada and then I read this and here you are wanting to go and putting in effort. Thanks for the attitude change! Happy Monday!!

  2. Sam

    I love this post Nicole
    Keep just being you and do always what’s in your heart! I often feel in our house its more Justin craving The Lord and I’m like he is being so good at it and he is better than me :/. I feel like a failure because I often just shut it out and i stay home and dwell more on the problems such as the baby and my concerns with my mom & then what myself is doing all wrong when I really need Gods help to guid me through. It’s def a long work in progress. The month of November is going to be amazing at new life with focus on the family though! Always comes right at the right time!
    You are a wonderful person! Love you lots!

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