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She is 14.

She loves to read. Everyday. All the time.

Favorite Color Red

Favorite Food I would say pizza

Her favorite subject History or Science

Her favorite accessory A hat

She has a deep love for movies.

She is determined.

She is a dreamer.

She is a creator.

She is my beauty.

She reminds me so much of her daddy.

She has an unbelievable recall. Knowledge she is like a sponge.

School is so important to her. Straight As.

She is my oldest. I was 22 when I had her.

She is a simple girl.

She hates when I call her a lady. Reminds her of old I think.

I call her Nelly or Nell. ( when she was a little girl on the playground like 4 she met this girl and they were playing and the girl thought her name was Nell so I thought it was so cute). It has stuck with me and she only lets me call her that.

She likes to be called a nerd.

Her daddy thinks she can do no wrong.

She makes me proud.

I love her.



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2 responses to “14.

  1. Sam

    Natalie Lynn Prather!!!!! Oh my goodness Nicole these are beautiful!!!

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