morgandorothy1lo morgandorothy2lo morgandorothy3lo morgandorothy4lo morgandorothy5lo morgandorothy6lo morgandorothy7lo

Morgan has changed her costumes I don’t know how many times. But two weeks ago she said I want to be Dorothy.

I went with it.

She loves that movie. I think it is her love for musicals.

But I sure do think she makes the most beautiful Dorothy.

She likes to put her costume on and watch Wizard of Oz and sing and play the whole movie out. Which I think is adorable.

There is one thing about her is that she keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh !

I sure do love her.



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3 responses to “dorothy.

  1. Oh my…these are perfect. She makes a wonderful Dorothy!

  2. Sam

    I am sooooo behind on your blog!!! Every pic and post is “magical” as Nicole Prather would say!!! I love love love these and that lil Dorothy!!!! Lils best cuzie!!!!

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