natalie for president.


Two weeks ago Natalie came home and showed me this paper. At first I was in shock and then it turned to that is awesome.

It is so unlike Nat to run or do something like this. She is  not outgoing but she is not shy either. She is in the middle. She is really outgoing in 4-h but not really in school. She has about four really good  girlfriends and isn’t the type that says hi to everyone.

But on the other hand she is the type of person that stands up for what she believes in and is willing to make changes in the world if she sees fit. When she gets her mind set on something there is no stopping that train.

I thought to myself it takes a lot of balls to do this. I don’t think I could do it.

So I signed the paper and we went on our way.

So all through the weekend I kept on asking her  did you type your speech ? and she kept telling me no mom. So finally sunday dinner and  we are done. I asked her again and she said “Mom I am not so sure about this. ?”

And I sat there quietly which never happens. I think as I get older I am shutting up more.  Thinking in my head here comes some motivation speech Nicole Prather make a good and walk this girl off the ledge.

So I did. I told her Nat you can give up now. You committed to this. You felt this in your heart. And no matter what happens you tried. And that is awesome. And some other stuff.

She said you a right mom. And I asked her do you want me to help you write your speech. She said yes. So we did.


And then on Monday I helped her make some posters up.


So on Friday she had to say her speech in front of everyone scared. But she did it. So today we find out. And no matter what I am proud of her.

She is just one of the those kinds of people that are not afraid. I admire that about her.

She is one of my heros. She will just never know how much I love her.

Until next time.




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