making hard decisions


(shot with my iphone)

Last week was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least.

One of the highlights of the weeks journey was Wyatt and football.

He has been in football since the middle of July and even before he started he had told me mom I don’t want to do this. ( they have to sign up in December at the football banquet.)

And I talked to him and I try to keep everything on the down low because once Brandon hears. It all breaks loose. At this point we have already paid a lot of money and bought all his gear. There was no turning back.

So skip to a couple weeks ago. As the weeks have gone by Wyatt attitude had just gotten worse and worse by the week.

To the point of I am driving him to practice and he is balling crying begging me. I felt like I was driving him to Haites. And I am a bleeding heart when it comes to my kids.

So last week was basically the breaking point of I couldn’t take it anymore watching him how miserable he was. No matter how my husband felt. (At times I feel like my kids high powered attorney)

He told me mom I hate it. I just hate it please don’t make me go anymore.

So I made the decision with no really backing from Brandon. That this was it. No more.

So I went down there with him and he had to tell his coach he was “quitting”.

And the coach was like Wyatt you are so brave.

And that is what he is. 10 years in all his glory.

You don’t know how long I had moled over this decision weighing everything in my mind. Sleepless nights of what is the right way/decision ?

To “quit” to be known as a “quitter” or know that this was not right for him. By looking at him you could tell how unhappy he was.

This happened last Wednesday. All day Thursday I was a wreck. Kind of sick like was this right.

And for him it was. He is not defined by this. Hopefully lessons learned by this. I know it was a lesson he will never ever forget.

Or at least I will never ever let him forget it.

Until next time.



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