I think one of the major thing that always tugs at my heart is ” am I or (me and Brandon) preparing our kids for this world ?”

I look at Natalie and knowing in one month she will be 14 scares me. 4 more years and she will be leaving the nest.

So with the little time I have left I try my best to prepare her for life. Either  it is pumping gas. Making dinner. Dishes. Cleaning up after herself. My kids have little princess and prince lifes compared to what I was doing at 14. And at the time I thought this really stinks but since I am a grown up now I get it. I get those things were preparing me for life.

One of the biggest parts along with those manual labor activities are the moral emotional aspect of it all. Which honestly I am still a work in progress when it comes to those things !

My father in law always says there is no book to raising kids.

That is the truth.

I am always like am I saying to much am I covering what is going on in her life right now.

She is a funny bird. She is a lot like her father it just sits inside until she feels safe and then lets it out. Sometimes it  gets really emotional. That makes me sad inside.

It is rough being a teen in the 2013’s !

So much pressure of looking a certain way.

And I have always done my own thing all my life. I never gave into that pressure of life or my friends. I think it is the control freak in me !

Natalie has always been her own bird though. I like that she in not afraid to be “her”.

I always try my best to be open to life. That my way is not always the right way. I listen to my kids side. Give them a little freedom.

And always be honest with them. That is my number one promise I made to myself when I had her. To always be honest with her about everything including my past mistakes and even when as a parent I make mistakes. I am not to proud to let her know.

Always in my heart is God. He never leaves me.

And I always tell my kids “your book has already been written”. And I truly believe that. That lifes ups downs are just a part of the chapters in life. Some chapters are hard for us and we cry out “why” and other chapters all is right with the world.

I let them know that we are not always going to have it our way. But there is always a lesson to be learned from it. And if we learn something that is all that matters.

I hope that they carry him wherever the journey leads them. I know they will.

Until next time.







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