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Since Natalie was a baby she has swam. She just could play hours upon hours in the pool. Making contraptions and so happy if no one would bother her.

She would always tell me mom I want to swim like compete, but in the back of my head I was like “no” she cant swim like that. She can swim and love the water but to spend a lot of time swimming laps and competing is not just her style.

So when we moved to Sutter she joined the swim team which really isn’t a team yet. It is actually just some heavy duty conditioning. Two hours a day four days a week. Straight swimming. ( 600 yards what a light day yesterday !)I really thought there is no way. That takes a lot of drive and determination. Who really wants to spend their summer doing that ?

Well SisterGirl did. Everyday never grumbled never moaned would wake up 630 in the morning and just swim. Swim her little heart out.

And I would watch her and just emotions. Well I am just an emotional person. Ever since I had kids it has turned me into a “wheeper” !

I have talked to her swim coaches. Asking them a lot of questions. Like does Nat have what is takes to swim ? And they say yes.

I told her if you can swim like for these two months like this I will take you to try out for the big aquatic team. And she did. So in the next couple weeks we will meet up with them to see.

I am more nervous for her than she has ever been. She is my soothing child. Calm as a cucumber !

Whatever may come of this. I am just proud of her. Never gives up. Never lets things get in her way of what she really wants.

I think in life our children teach us lessons. Lessons we need to teach our kids, it gets reversed and they teach us about bravery.

There are no limits when you are 13. Going on 14.

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  1. oh my goodness I am crying reading made me a weeper! Haha..being a mom is the hardest.job.ever. Good thing you are great at it! ;)

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