Summer is over. I cant believe it. It just feels like we got out. And now we are back at it. August 19th.

Natalie is in 8th grade and Wyatt is in 5th. Morgan is 3.

Life is definitely different only living three minutes away from school.

Natalie was excited to get off to her friends. Wyatt said, “Mom the first day will be fun and then Tuesday will be boring.” I thought that was funny and ooh so Wyatt.

We did school shopping almost a month ago. Just because we had fair and football. So I was happy we got our stuff early.

Natalie had to have red all stars and Wyatt had to have Nike Free Runs 5.0. Hey whatever makes them happy.

School for me is back to routines and I love that. All the way. We are more aware of our time. I think because it is limited.

Now I am back to getting pictures done and scrapbooking I have lagged so much on Project Life. I will get it done !

Until next time.



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