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One of the highlights for our summer is fair.

Raising chickens seems like a fairly simple easy job. But it is a job that must be done twice a day. Cleaning feeding watering and bathing goes into raising Grand Champions !

There is no lie this is a family project. Our kids need help and guidance. Which I am happy to help.

There was 12 meat pens all together so the chances of winning were to me slim but you never know whats going to happen. Give it all you have. We had sat down and had a talk with the kids about winning and losing. Somewhere along the lines there always has to be those when you compete. Especially being Wyatts first time it was going to be hard.

We had flipped a coin to decide who would get to pick there chickens. And Wyatt won.

It was emotional crazy and fun all in the same time.

It would take what would seem forever for the judge to pick.


There were all lined up like this from smallest weight to largest. The judge went over and over them.

Never knowing until the end when the wyatt kept moving towards Natalie and they got closer. Until the end.

He pulled Natalie first and Wyatt second towards the middle and then three others would follow. And he said this is the Champion and Wyatt would be reserve.

I just screamed in excitement happiness.

Proud. Always of them. They work so hard.

Fair was good. Long but good.

Until next time.



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  1. Brandon

    So proud !!!

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