Wyatt turned double digits on the 4th of July.

I usually do my kids photo-shoots weeks in advance. As you can see he is not always so happy to get his picture taken. All the way through he is saying how many more pictures. Which is frustrating for me.

As I am taking pictures in my mind I am thinking how can this be ? 10 years have gone by. Have I soaked it all up. Am I teaching him the rights in life ? I just think to much !

He is my kind boy.  Tender Hearted. Emotional. Mamas boy. He is the best brother. He is patient with Morgan. He is growing up into his own little person. He is whitty. He always keeps me accountable. He is so hard headed. (that can be a good and bad quality.)

He will always be my baby boy born via C-section. Weighing in at 9 pounds 10 ounces. Almost died. Pooped inside of me. And didn’t want to come out. He was 8 days over due.

When he came out he was just my precious baby son.

Always will be. No matter how old he is.

He makes me so proud.


We usually have his birthday party a week before his actually birthday. It is hard with his birthday being a holiday.

So on his day it is just us celebrating.

On his day all he wanted to do was relax. He was in All Stars and it was his only day off from practice.

Do you like the front on the cake I spy a little ones finger tips !

I love them. All together. I know and realize these times are coming less and less so I just soak it up.

Then at night we headed to Biggs a small town north for fireworks.


It always magical.

And there is just something magical about saying magical !!

I think I might be on a blog roll. I have so many unedited pictures. So this has kicked my butt into gear. Get pictures edited. Order prints. And resume Project Life and keep on the kids books.

Its a good thing.

Until next time.




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