I feel like it has been in my heart for some time to blog. But time and thoughts just have never been in harmony.

So much has change for our little family. Months again we made the brave decision to sell our house and move to the city in which our kids attend school. ( I have drove our kids twenty minutes each way for the last eight years. )

We have lived in this house for 9 years. And I am not a person for change by any means. But I think there comes sometimes in our lifes where we make hard decisions. Decisions based on what is best for our family. We can not let our emotions rule us as my husband always says ! Nine years ago we didn’t buy this house to be our forever house.

So we put our house on the market not really knowing what the future would be but knowing the God will make it happen whatever that may be. And so it sold in one day !

And two months later we moved to the house we are living in now.

So we have been here since June 22nd. It is a lot bigger than our old house. I love that. And it is two blocks for our kids school. That is so awesome !



We are still working on the back yard. Those dog panels in the back have our chickens in them. They are not the most attractive. And to the left my garden will be put in. I cant wait. It is a big back yard with an old tree in the middle as you can see. And in the first couple days my husband put a tire swing in. I love it. Morgan can swing for hours !

And my kids are so happy. That’s all I ever want.

Until next time.



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