happy birthday my love.


My Morgan

3 years ago today my life was forever changed.

You my love are my everything.

You keep me on my toes. Sassy. Sweet.and Passionate.Would be the words to describe you. I can relate. Your daddy calls you “Nicky J” as Nicole Junior he is referring. And I would say you are alot like me. Hard to admit at times. Because you are at times are very difficult to handle. I just try my best to embrace it.

I try my best to be the best Mom to you. All the time.

You make me laugh. Your words are raw and real. And who knows what you are going to say out of your mouth. Last night it was ” I dontl like my little girl bed I like my baby bed.” And “I do it myself.”

You love your daddy like no other. You are madly in love with him. You love knowing he is around all the time. And when he takes his trips you cry all the time when he is gone. And especially when you are in trouble. You want him. He is you hero. And I dont want that to ever change.

You love love Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffins. And especially love Good Luck Charlie and Jessie. I dont know if I shold be letting you watch those shows ??

You are now able to be bribed with the Candy Store when I take your pictures. You have a real obsession with gum.

And that brings me to your all time OBSESSION “LIPGLOSS” !!!!

There are no words to start to describe how you feel about lipgloss. Before you get your picture taken you make sure you have some on. Well freshened up. And after this birthday party you should be stocked up for a couple days !! Most children couple months.

You love your purses and change them out every day to a new one.

And tutus are your favorite thing to wear. Or anything with tulle.

And often your dad asks me “Are you sure she is yours” ? Meaning you are a total girly girl. And me plain jane !!

It is funny.

And your two obession is JUICE !! or you would say JUICEBOX please. I must limit and manage that one.

You are my sunshine. You are one busy little girl and can make a mess is .5 seconds. You are now learing to clean up not to happy about it but oooh well.

You love to go to the park and play on the slides.

And Wyatt is your bff !! You two have a special bond. I love watching it.

You keep it real. You keep life happy and magical. And i love that.

Happy Birthday Big Mo !!!

Xoxoxo. Your Mom.


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