taking time.


Up until a couple years ago I never needed alone time.

Probably I didnt need it until Morgan came to be.

24/7 I am surrounded my at least two people. My lovely works from home and it has been a real adjustement. He spent 12 years in a Coke Van and working crazy hours to support us. And two years ago he took a home job. That has been crazy. It has gotten better. But for me I sometimes need an outlet. Not to get away from my kids or lovely. But to just breath.

I would never change my stay at home house life but sometimes it gets to be to much. I am a doer. From the time I get up which it about 530-6 ish until I sit down which it about 8 at night. I am busy doing whatever comes to my head. Cleaning Laundry Scrapbooking Pictures and So much more.

And as I have gotten older or maybe the schedule keeps getting busier this old brain needs a shut down button. So I will come sit down in my chair in my backyard and usually surf the web on my phone watch some creative videos or do whatever. But I am sitting and not thinking about the next thing to do in my house. And it doesnt have to be very long. Just long enough to revibe myself. And maybe its just the sun I need who knows.

I use to feel some sort of guilt like why cant I be like my mom and keep going and going.

But we all need some alone time. And I think it is good for the soul.



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