a lesson in patience.



For years my husband has wanted to coach baseball every year he talked about it but do to his schedule he would never commit. Well this year has totally changed that, and so he is the Manager/Coach of the “Angels” Yeah !! They have only had two practices so far I missed one due to other meetings. But was there for the first one. I think that along with teaching these young boys about baseball. I think they are going to teach my husband a lesson in patience. And communication. Wyatt is such a good kid. Most young boys are wild and crazy but my son is the best listener, patient. I never take that for granted and know really how most young boys are. When we got home he asked me “If you were going to critique me on how I did how could I improve”. Me being the honest person I am. And knowing him. I said to him. Well the first thing I have learned through 4-H is not everyone is going to like you but they should respect you. That more about the parents. Because it is a fine line with kids. You are going to get people that dont like you. But if you know in your heart you are doing the right thing then it should matter. My husband wants everyone to like him. As I do to. But I want peoples respect more than anything. Because really I want to be liked for who I am. It is hard to explain. He said you are right I do want eveyone to like me but I want to kids to understand we mean business. And I know in my heart those words will resignate through him. In my heart I always look at children as being molded weither or not they are yours if you come into contact with them. Treat them with kindness and postivess you never know how much impact you could have on their life. And that is so important. I am proud of him.


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