Mo and Me Day

Last Friday I woke up and said to myself I need just a day with Morgan. Just me and her doing her favorite things. So thats what we did and it started at the park of course her favorite place to be. “WEEEEEEEEEEE” as she would say.


We stayed there for a while played swang did some balance beeming on the sidewalk cement. Talked and laughed and only took one picture of that because she hated my phone with a passion.

Then we headed to the Donut Store. I never let her go inside I just send in Wyatt and Natalie to get her donut holes. So to go inside was a treat for her.  She got a Pink sprinkle donut with apple juice that was in a special plastic container that kind of looks like an apple. She thought that was the best thing ever. It doesnt take much to make  a almost 3 year happy !!

Then headed to feed the ducks.


I had old bread that I had been storing and it sure goes fast. It feels like these little buggers can spot you a mile away. And they all came swimming- flying to  you. It is kind of scary at first just because there was so many of them. Morgan was running to the little bridge back and forth. Grabbing bread and throwing it over the bridge and kept doing that for a while. Laughing and I was laughing at her. Taking in this moment I think. Just the sound of her laughter just releases stress in my body. It was just a nice sunny day out. We walked around the lake and watched all the different birds. This little pigeon came so close to us probably like 2 feet away. It reminded me of something from a Disney movie. He was just starring at us. Then we headed do some shopping.

And the day ended with her being a little crabby which means tired. I put it in her seat and she was out fast.


It was a nice relaxing day.

I think I sometimes forget to get away from my house. How nice it is. I need to remind myself of it more often.

One thing that is often in my thoughts is making sure that all 3 of our children feel loved individually. It is a balance that like I say alot is hard for me. But I try my best. In the last couple months more of just one on one time. Shopping eating talking. Fun Stuff !!

Until Next Time.



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