looking back.


I have been on a photo tangent lately. Last week I ordered 350 pictures. That one thing I am so bad about is ordering I edit and do all the fun stuff but I never order them. So last week I just felt the need to order all the last half of the year. I will continue sifting through pictures. What a job. But in my mind I am like I am the only person on this earth that knows my pictures. How I put them in and arrange them. And that a little freaked me out.

I started cleaning out my closet this morning and found all my old disks and was like I need to go through all these.

And so the journey of ordering all the kids bday and the highlights of their lifes has begun.

Very overwhelming. So I just take it child my child and go from there. I am debating on Project Lifing them ?? Still up in the air.

This doozy my Sister Girl and her first award of Student of the Month. She is so little and tiny. I remember like it was yesterday. Which in life is 5 years ago. And I think to myself how can it be ?

And in my mind it scares me. How fast these years have gone by. And I just want to hold on to them. And cherish them. Document them. And love them. That is one job in my mind I never slack on is Loving my kids. I take much pride in that.

I have started reading the book “The 5 Love Languages”. Supposedly marriage life changing. We shall see.

Well I must go.

Until next time.



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