being it all…


shoot from whats inside my heart and mind.

i dont think that there isnt a person especially a mother that doesnt want to do it all. i admit i fall into that catagory.

the mom the wife the baker the crafter the all doer.

and somewhere in the middle of all that i fall short alot in the wife catagory according to my husband. it is really hard for me to part away from my kids i think it is because my mother never did. but my dad is defintely not my husband. and their marriage completely different.

and i think what makes him the most upset is the fact that i know what makes him happy and i dont do it.

i am now on the adventure of reading the “5 love languages”.  we shall see what comes about.

for him he has one job that is his job to work. as for me i am a person of many hats and likes to fill them all.

it is a hard balance that is for sure.

but i will never ever give up the fight to do it all and be it all.

until next time.



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