well i blew that one !!

the flu has taken over this Prather home !!

and I couldnt make it everyday for my thanfulness….

let me pick up and make it quick !!


November 17th-

I am thankful for non sick kids.

I guess I take for granted how usually healthy we are until my kids get sick we are going on 11 days with this stuff.


November 18th-

I am thankful for my health.

I have not been feeling so well lately and as I get older I come to realize that I take my health for granted.


November 19-

For my baby Sister Dana.

It was her birthday.

She is one of the most sweetest people I know. Wouldnt hurt a fly.

Caring and my kids just adore her.


November 20-

Thankful for sleep.

Havent got very much of it the last week. And really soon come to find out how I feel when I dont get it. Not good. It is essential to my happy mental health.


November 21st-

I am thakful for the sun.

Miss that bright yellow ball.

This rain can be a real drag !!


And I am caught up.

This years Thanksgiving is being spent with just Me and Morgan.

She is sick with the flu and didnt want to make others sick. So as my family is in Ft. Bragg we are here. Watching Toy Story 1 2 3 for the 100th million time !!

Well its not her fault.

Hope your Thanksgiving is extra magical and filled with love.



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  1. you did good on this!!! love all your post so sweet!

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