today novemeber 13th and everyday i am thankful for him.

beyond a shadow of a doubt this man and jesus himself are the only ones that know the real nicole prather.

and just love me the same.

he is the most kindest loving hardworking best friend i could ever have.

14 years of my life have been spent knowing him loving him and everyday is a new day.

let me tell you there are days more than once he can drive me to the bananas.

the last two years have been especially hard on our marriage he has been from home working. it is the hardest happiest thing. happy that after 12 years in a van missing everything under the sun for our kids he is now home attending every sport function there is and picking up the slack when i a tired.  For the hardest the everyday mun day. i have no alone time. tell you thats  hard on me.

but the good will always outway the bad. and we will work it out.

My nat is just like him fell right off his loin. she is witty smart likes and acts just like him.

My son looks just like him.

And Well Morgan she is just a daddys girl. She loves her daddy probably more that me.

He makes me laugh he embarrasses me like no one can.

And reminds me often what true love is :

it is not a word is an action. it is how you love someone. with your whole heart. you are kind to them. you are their strength in the darkest hours. you are faithful. you are  dedicated. you provide. you are  real. you are truth even when its hard. you are the person that holds your hands when you are scared out of your bloomers. you share the greatest moments your children have. you are quiet in those moments when needed.

he is and always has been those things to me.

he has given me it all and asks nothing but to love him in return.

and i try my best.

we are there for eachother when the other is weak the other is strong.

and that is what true love is to me.


i love you peter pan.

always will.

cant help it. even if i could.

crazy love.




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2 responses to “him

  1. Sam

    He is a good man! And I love love love this photo of u two love birds :) xoxo

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