today i am thankful for her in my life..november11th

dont want to to turn this into a sad post.

but today 6 years ago she left us to be in heaven to be with my grandpa.

time is is short.

i remember getting the phone call from my uncle that something had happened.

i rushed over there.

to find that she indeed had passed away.

i dont think that moment i will ever forget. i saw her the day before and she had had the flu i kissed her head and told her i would take her to the doctor. she said no i will be fine.

and for some reason i can let go of that moment in which i should have just did what my stubborn usually does listen to my heart.

but gods plans outweigh mine by like forever.

she is honestly the memories i have of my childhood. it is crazy. her just sitting there and letting me put her clip on earrings on her and looking through all her jewery .

her buffing her floors.

and all her sayings.. ” you bet” “i wish i had a million dollars” ” how is nicole today”

she was just her.

bared 9 children. and loved them all with no stipulations.

and there are moments in which my children something happens and i am like i wish she was here.

i miss her deeply.

and i know that she is  in heaven with my grandpa is what she wanted. she missed him terribly.

and on this day. i am thankful for her being her. an unforgettable women who just lived a simple life.




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2 responses to “today i am thankful for her in my life..november11th

  1. Sweet really look just like her. I see her in your kids as well….. Glad you have so many fun memories.

  2. Sam

    Such a sweet post Nicole. Your grandmother would be so proud of all you have accomplished over these last few years she is watching down on you, some of my best memories are with my grandma too. Special to have! Xoxo

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