November 4th-

I am thankful for her.

I was 22 when I had her. I was going to be a bag lady and be alone all my life.

In which God had his own plans for me. As he always does.

I wasnt married when I got pregnant. I barely actually knew my husband of like 3 months. But we were definitely in love or maybe infatuated with eachother.

Back to my story.

But I have always believed at a young age. Everything always happens for a reason.

And she was meant to be.

She has brought me to so many places I never knew I had. She brings me a calmness that honeslty know one can except for the Lord above can give.

She says things that are so pure that they actually carry me through in the rough times. ( and she doesnt even know.)

She is a dreamer and I never ever break her to the realities because dreams are there for a reason. And knowing her she will make them real.

She is kind sweet thoughtful tender smart and everything you wish for in a child.

She is positive through and through. And tougher than nails.

She makes me a better softer person.

And she is mine.

I love you Sister.

And I will always be your biggest fan.

You make me proud.



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  1. Sam

    Love this!!! She is a beauty all grown up :(

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