a clothes line.

My mom had bought herself a clothes line probably a year ago. And she found the same one at a garage sale for 5 bucks for me.

I really didnt know if I would use it. Or would care to. But Brandon put it up for me.

I got on this kick of trying to cut our spending down so I have probably one of the most expensive PG and E bills around town. I really didnt know until I ventured on PG and E site went into usage to see my house was the most used PG and E around !! Good lord I said to myself. I think in the past I really didnt care I was whatever. But the last months have been a rough one financially so i was like it cant get any worse.

So I set out to make it my mission to figure out. How ??? Can  I cut this bill down with 5 people living in and a shower from everyone one of us everyday !! I saw that during certain hours is when it is more. And I started using my clothes line. Not for everything just towels blankets and Brandon and I’s clothes.

I felt like my Dad he is PG and E stalker I was on there everyday seeing what I used. And just in the last week of Sept I had already saved some money. I was so excited thinking about well I will make October even better.

Cutting my use times. I only run and do laundry in the morning until 10 and I only run dishwasher before 8 in the morning. Those two simple things has really cut my bill down.

So I went on there today to see the difference and I have already saved 40 dollars but in the end it will be alot more than that because every month I would go into tier 3 there it is triple the cost per kilowatt !!

I know sounds boring but to me I feel like I am doing something to save money for my family !!

If you go to your local site it has tons of ways to save on your PG and E. 

And I am now working on other things to save money !!



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  1. You go mama this is awesome!!!

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