Project Life Week of October 15th-21st

I feel like some weeks Morgan is draped all over Project Life. She does spend the most time with me. We are together well 99 percent of the time. I make sure I try to take many many pictures of all of the childrens. Since I am caught up it is alot easier to journal and my thoughts are fresh. I would say I keep it simple. There are alot of times I look at the picture and think I just want to add something simple to the picture because I want you to feel what the picture our life is about. That is what Project Life is to me. Our life. Our Prather Life. And this week ended one of the most hectic times in my life. Thank the Lord above. Slowly I will feel the effects of less stress leave my body !!!

As I do Project Life I have come to realize how much pictures are those moments. I forget in the middle of busyness.

And then I am brough back to the statement in my head that is always there. Nicole Prather you are not going to live forever. So make the most of it.

These words that I write will one day be notes to my children that they will forever cherish in their heart.

To a new season.



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  1. All of your photos are perfect!!! Gosh you inspire me I wish I could keep it together and stay on top of it all! You rock! Keep up the awesome work proud of u!

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