heading into fair.

We have been doing 4-H for the last 5 years. I did it all my life.

I love it.

But heading into fair is one of the most stressful times in our family. Its like it all comes to a head once the 31st comes.

All year long we work on and prepare for this.

The first year Natalie sold she got Reserved Grand Champion. Last year not so hot.

But this is a new year. And last year really taught me and her the value of not doing so good.

I remember one of their teachers saying ” My girls learned more from being last than they did and being first because it is easy to be a winner it is harder to be a humble loser.” So true and those words just always stick in my heart.

Thank you Mrs. Quesenberry.

I am growing up too !! As a parent there is no guide to how to raise children. What not to say what not to do. But we try our best that is all we can do. And hope and prey the Lord above is watching all this and helping out.

I am little stressball right now. As the days become closer my blood pressures rises more and the anxiety !!!

But I just prey for God to give me peace.

And that really helps.

So I am off to take her to Jr. LifeGuarding and  finish up whatever else is going on !!

Until Next Time. Stop and remember how you got where you are. It is never to late to Stop and Redirect !! if you are the path you dont want to be !!

Xoxoxx. – Nicole



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  1. Sam

    Love that pic!!!! You will do great nat can’t wait to come watch!!!!

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