I feel like I have been on the world wind tour.

We left for Ft. Bragg Wed morning. It was so nice. So relaxing. I took lots of pictures. I need to edit them all and make a book.

Came home Friday afternoon. Wyatt had gear pick up.

Then Saturday and Sunday Wyatt had a football camp. So we have been there the weekend.

And we come to today.

Nat has LifeGuard Lessons all this week for Jr. Lifeguarding. We will see how that pans out.

And this is our first week of football practice. Four days a week.

And we are getting ready for Fair. Which for us starts on Saturday.

And in these moments I try not to become anxiety stricken. But my list become my stability.

I love my Notepad on my Iphone.

Just write it down in there and go to town on what I need to do.

Life is good.

Becoming aware of it around you makes you realize real fast what is important never stray away from that.

Opinions and People and Judgement.

I had found this on a blog and wanted to share it :

There will always be someone who does not like you.

Someone who does not get you, understand you, or someone who does not reciprocate the goodness you extend towards them.

There may be someone who strives to be like you, in the most un-flattering way possible. Someone who goes out of their way to poison your day. Someone who longs to bring you down – piece by piece, word by word.

When you ask yourself about the matter . . . {because we all do}

Your question should not be, “Why don’t they like me?” . . .But rather, “Why does it bother me so?

Their smallness does not make you small.

Even the word “belittle” itself simply means to “Be Little”. I am tired of living small. In a box bound by expectations and marked in fear.

This Day . . .

I remember that I am not up for vote.
I walk in the truth of who I am.
I refuse to be bitter.
I choose forgiveness.
I remember their words say more about them than me.

I love this it just sings to my heart.

And we should all take note because this are powerful truthful words.

Well I will get off my soapbox and resume life again.

Until Next Time.

Remember  who you are and never faulter from that.

Xoxox. – Nicole



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2 responses to “today

  1. Sam

    💗 & had so much fun with u guys in ft Bragg Can’t wait to see all the pictures! Love u and am thankful for u in my life hope I know that!

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