1. well we took the plunge went down and traded in my old car for this 2010 camry 30,000 miles it is practically brand new. i love her.

2. getting ready to take a short vaca with my mother in law and sister in law and all our kids.

3. fair on the brain.

4. growing chickens ??

5. messy house

6. behind on pictures and project life.

7. i love my kids.

8. and my husband.

9. i love laughter.

10. and forgiveness.

11. i love that one day your life could be in complete chaos and then the next day or minute eveything seems so clear.

And I am off to buy chicken food. get shavings. pick up my son. get snacks. do laundry and clean this messy house.

And try to relax.

Wish me luck.

Until Then. If you have kids love them hug them and tell them how special they are.



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