so far away.

                                                                                                               October 3rd 2010

That seems light years away. 7 months prior I had Morgan. Running a marathon. Living one of my dreams out. Facing my fears. I just remember running and dead tired and in from of me a probably 75 year old man running in front of me with a Tshirt on that said ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13  and thinking it was a sign and how can I let this 75 year old man beat me ?? And kept going. And kept going. I will never forgot that moment. Because I trained like a wild women pushing my baby at least 10 miles a day training and running my heart out. Playing it all out in my mind. And when I seem so far away from that person I need to go back to that moment to revive me. Get me focused.  One of my goals this year was to do a triatholon. Well I really dont think that is going to happen. Who knows? But I feel the frumps inside and out. Gained a couple lbs. and havent ran in ages. I loved to run I actually loved how I felt free and stress free. And when I would run and read other runners they would expierience that too !! A freeing !! That only running can give you. I am 35 years old stay at home mom of three and a wife. There is nothing wrong with that. But sometimes I want to be more. Dont know why? Because that is what I am. But when I ran it was me against me. To see do I still have it inside of me. And I did. And I know deep inside she is in there. Just need to get my motivation back.

I write this blog It seems lately ” Like the Diary of a Wimpy Mother”.

Not Proud. Just reality for me.

But I am back to doing to do the dishes and clean something and run a kid somewhere.

Until Next Time. Never Let your Dreams Be So Far Away.



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  1. Sam

    This blog post is my all time favorite of yours!!! So proud of you! I admire you for this I remember you doing it but reading this post and your feelings on it really touch! You go girl!!! I say you go for that triathlon too!!! You can so do it!!! & no you are not diaries of whimpy mama! You are real you are talented you are go getter you are an excellent mother and wife! I am blessed and happy to call you friend & sister in law! We have come a long way and have had many bumps but it has brought us to who we are today and I am thankful for u! Just wanted you to know that! Lol novel status sorry love you! And always wish you the best!!!! Xoxo

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