big mo.

She is funny and quirky. Thats what I love about her. She is 2 going on 16 some days. A love affair with LipSmackers. She tells me Mommy and then takes her fingers and rubs her lips that is my que for she wants lipstick. And She loves to walk and get the mail. She wants to hold the mail key and often walks the dog. And we make it a quicky ooh good lord it has been hot. !!! 102 yesterday. Cant handle the heat. But I thought I would take my camera to the walk. Switched up my lens’ to my 50 1.4. And was on my way.

She has got the crazy hair going on 9 times out of 10. Curly Crazy Sue.

And lately she has been putting Wyatts old cape on and running around the house in her birthday suit. I am still wondering where she came up with that from and making these crazy poses.

Love her. She is defiinely on of a kind. Here is to crazy days of summer. And hoping the heat passes and back to the 90’s !!!

Until Next Time.

Stop and Enjoy the simplicities of life for they are what I think matter the most !!



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  1. Sam

    I love this!!!!! Such a cute post and all the pic make me smile! Mogie you are loved

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