few and far between.

I have been an emotional wreck lately.

Cant even tell you why. Last night was kind of the header of it all.

I sat there in bed with my husband having a conversation until 2am  about when I was growing up and started into this uncontrollable ugly cry. 

Crap that just bottles up inside that only one person ( my husband )  and ( God himself) sees me at my most vulnerable times in life.

This picture I think really sums up some of my sadness. Seeing these faces grow up and I cant do anything about it. Natalie is going to be 13 and she is starting to outgrown me and my son he is growing up on my also. And my Morgan watching her grow up is happy sad and all in between its like sometimes the way she looks at me I see she is not as much as a baby anymore. She is talking and growing up to be this beautiful little girl.

And the kids are gone and busy alot more. Natalie with camp and sleepovers and Wyatt with sports and he is just a social bug. It seems that the pictures of them  together are becoming few and far between. That is hard on me. Because being their mom is my job in life. And above all I take that job sersiously Every word I speak every move I make I am watched. I am growing these young lifes to carry on and one day make their own little lifes. And to me that is a scary thought. Being a mom is the hardest most rewarding job I will ever have.

And my husband would say, ” I am ready for the next chapter in our lifes.”

Sometimes hard to swallow.

Until Next Time.




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  1. Sam

    That pic is amazing! You are so blessed with three amazing children and a great husband! Whatever makes your Heart heavy I hope it goes away for u! Xoxo love u much!

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