Project Life Week 26

It seems like Project Life is a labor of love for me. Doing this way I do a lot more journaling and basically create little layouts for each so it does take some time. But in the end when the pictures are sitting in their little protectors I am like it is so worth it.

Color. I love it everthing stinkin ounce of it. It to me makes you feel emotions !! happy !! I began scrapbooking by matching colors to what was in the photo that was over 9 years ago. But in the last years I scrap by emotion and how I want that picture to feel !! polka dots are used alot for me. Because I just love them.

Everyone scrapbooks different and every Project life is going to be different because well all of our lifes are different. Make it what you want.

This week I am super excited. I take a lot of Instagram pictures follow me at : n__prather. And I always adding them in somewhere but as always I am on the overflow of pictures so I decided hey I am going to alter something to make them all fit. So I took one of  Becky Higgins 6×12 page protectors and went to town sewing on it. And came up with pictures 3 and 4. !! And I love it !! A neat way to spruce it up !!

Just yesterday I printed my first photo at home. I am super excited I didnt know how good my printer was. I use it for printing digital elements but wasnt sure about pictures. But it was even better than where I get my pictures printed at !!! Suprised. So today I am off to scrapbook.

Until Next Time.



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  1. Sam

    My favorite project lifer :) love how you are doing these digitally but looks so real version still awesome job mama keep it up xo

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