the 4th.

It was such a wonderful 4th yesterday.

I am doing a short post today I feel like I am so behind on so much stuff.

Usually we go to a parade in a small town 15 minutes away but since its Wyatts bday he got to choose what we did and he said no. I was heartbroken. But got over it. It was just a nice relaxing day. My sister and brother in law came over and my Brother in law and his girlfriend came over for the day. It was nice just to relax and visit. I am usually a little stress ball but yesterday I wasnt for some reason. Thats a good things.

We just ate like kings as I would say !!! My husband is the best cook around here I would say. And he likes for you to tell him. We stuffed ourselves and then came back for seconds and thirds.

And that is a carrot cake doesnt look to pretty but it was the moisted thing you ever did eat !!

Well I am glad that this is over !! Going to relax for a while to get ready for football and the fair.

Until Next Time.



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  1. Sam

    Wish we spent it with u guys! Maybe next year :)
    Today I was cleaning out my spare room closet and I came across old pic one was me holding Wyatt up camping he was so fluffy tan and such a good baby! Happy 9th birthday wy wy! Love you!

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