Top Random Things I Love……

 I thought I would do a random post (since I am random person) about the things I love right now. And these are in no order at all.


Instagram. I would say I am addicted to it. It is such a great networking site. I have met alot of new people. Many inspirations come from Instagram. If you dont have it get it you wont regret it one bit !!!


Project Life. I love this project. I think it has totally changed my life. I am more aware of life. Documenting our lifes. I love it. Check it out. Start doing it TODAY !!! You wont regret this one either.


Karen Russell.  Sorry no picture. Didnt want to copy paste something of her. I totally love her blog. Read it everyday. I love her pictures. And she is just a mom who is real !!! She teaches camera classes on line. I one day would love to take one !!! She is awesome !! Check her out !!!


Photoshop. I couldnt live without this little booger. I love this program. Totally worth every pretty penny.


Ali Edwards. Another blog I read religously. She is first person I started really following when I started scrapbooking. I love every idea that comes out of that womens head. She is so creative talented. She is always stepping up the notches of the scrapbooking world. Love her.


Baking.  Ooh my goodness. The last six or seven months of my life I have really enjoyed baking. It is a total relaxer for me. Dont know why. But it is. I think it is because watching my family eat and love my food is just heavenly.


Inspiration Quotes. I love love them. When I need an uplift I just go read a whole bunch of random quotes. I dont have pinterest anymore but I still go on there and check things out. I think that quotes are awesome and uplifting !!


Klove.  I love this radio station. We listen to it all the time. It is awesom and uplifting in life. Christian radio rocks !!! All the songs are so amazing !!! Check them out !!


Gardening. We have lived at this house for 7 years and for 7 years we have been having a garden. Everyear it gets bigger and bigger. I love it. Sometimes stressful when gophers attack. But all in all growing your own food is one of the most rewarding things in my life. If you dont have one start one. And it has also grown for a love of plants and growing my own flowers.


Walgreens. I use them for printing all my 4×6’s I totally love them. The customer service is always awesome !!! And the quality is top notch. Check them out !!


Creating.  I love it. It is so relaxing to create things that are  you own thoughts. This is actually a card I created for my sister ( she is having a baby). I buy alot of digital stuff from Jessica Sprague and Designer Digitals.  I still use paper as well !!!!


BravoTv. I love this channel. All the shows I am addicted to Housewifes, Million Dollar Listing, and more !!! Andy Cohen rocks he is funny !!!


Freedom.  I know to some it may sound silly but to me its not. I am thankful everyday for the men women and family that serve in the military. This flag is the representation of freedom and all that intails. We live in the land of the free where we are free to say and do what we want. I am sitting right now blogging and having the freedom to have an opinion voice it !! I am thanful everyday for this great country we live in !!!


JesusChrist. Last but not least the most important one. He is my rock. Always. I dont think there could ever be enough words to describe him. Faithful true and loves me in the darkest times. I repent and find forgiveness. I am a student in training but I never give up on this journey.

And that concludes the top random things I love  !!!!

Hope your 4th if filled with family laughter and love.

And remember on this great day what the price of freedom is ??

 To some it is their life. To some it is the freedom they have to say what they want to worship whomever they want.

Happy Birthday America. You are beautiful !!





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One response to “Top Random Things I Love……

  1. Sam

    Love you miss random :) this is a neat post! And we have most in common I love u Nicolie

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