Documenting Life.

I get in the spurt of getting caught up on my kids books. It is hard to keep it all up. With three kids. Ooh my Goodness !!!

But the other day I started back to the journey.

There is one thing I really believe in is documenting the journey. Our lifes. Because if we dont who will ?? When I am dead and gone I want my kids to have memories storys laughter and tears of their crazy mama.

And that is why I do it. !!! And it is a stress releaver ( I think) !!! I love to create !! My passion. I started scrapbooking when I was pregnant with Wyatt and I scrapbooked Natalie 4 years of life so I would feel caught up when he came. And I did. But now alot has changed and our lifes have became busy with living. So I just scrapbook the highligh reels and things I want to be remembered. They all have many books. But lately I have been taking Becky Higgins page protectors and Ali Edwards ideas to create what I can do to get it done !!!

And I feel accomplished by it, And happy because this minds is getting old and I quickly forget what happened !!!!

Hope this inspires you to created something document something or just to take a picture of something !!!

Until Next Time.

Have a great wonderful weekend !!!



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  1. Sam

    You document it well!!! Love these pages! Very creative keep em comin :) xo

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