27 months

This post is long over due.

She is 27 and a half months now.

And growing up on me.

My Dearest Big Mo,

Headstrong and Sassy would be the two words that would describe you right now. You get into your head something and there is nothing to change your mind. I watch you walk around here with your smile and look at me like yeah mom. You love to be busy into everything. You love park and could swing for hours on end. You say “WEEEEEE” which means slide. You love to eat eggs and french fries and nuts. You are a daddys girl for sure. You love your daddy. And as always your bubby. And Caillou ooh my goodness. You love him. Swimming has became our richual everday or night. You get in there with your floaty and just buzz around. You have a specific puzzle you love to play with its a car magnet you like to get them and have me put them all back in. You love your Grandma Lynn like crazy. I think its because she gives you soda !!!!! I love you more than my own life. Your laughter makes the world a little better place and your smile melts this heart. Quit growing up on me !!!! With All My heart, Love Your Mommy



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3 responses to “27 months

  1. Nicole! I just got your comment!! I was so happy to hear from you!! Oh my stars your little one is getting so big, she is so cute!! Well I am going to follow you on here so I can still see all of your beautiful pictures! And thanks for your sweetest comments, blah last two days around my house and it was nice to hear some words of encouragement!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful summer!!!

  2. Sam

    Amazing pictures! Mo mo you are just a doll!

  3. ErinMarron

    Aw, i LOVE the last picture! I need a pic of that!!

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