going off the cuppy….

I feel sorry for my kids because I kind of do how I do to myself. Once I get my mind set on something its done.

On Sunday I woke up decided I was taking Morgan off her sippy cup. Let me tell you she loves her cup.

Her cuppy and her Mimi (her blanket) is all she needs in the world. So I knew that the next couple days were going to be a bear.

And has it been. She is a little unbearable. But I know it will be ok hopefully soon.

I just worried all the time about her teeth. She went to the dentist for the first time a couple weeks ago and he said all was good. But in my heart I was like no more.

I know and still stand by this.

She will thank me later in life. !!!!!


I think that it is anything in life you know its going to be a drag but the more you put it for at least me the more anxiety come forth.

So get er done !!!!

Until Next Time.



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One response to “going off the cuppy….

  1. Sam

    Uh oh lol mo you will thank your mama years to come when you have nice teeth :)

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