I cant believe you are going to be 9 !!!

Last week me and my son ventured out for his 9 year old photo shoot !! He was super tired he let me know.

We traveled five minutes away to little town right next to our little town.

And we had laughs !!! I love hanging out with him. And he needs that one on one time. Just to be reasurred how much i love him.

And I do.

He is my baby boy. No matter how old he will get. There is nothing in this world like that face.

And one thing about him when he gets tired he becomes an emotional wreck like me. Emotions are flying and tears are coming.

Witty as be. He is quite quick with the humor around here. And likes to know the grown up business.

And sweet caring loving and hard working.

Until Next Time. Stop to Enjoy whatever it is that makes your heart fancy and your face smile.




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2 responses to “I cant believe you are going to be 9 !!!

  1. Sam

    Nicole your photography just gets better and better! These are amazing! & your Wyatt is one of a kind sweetest boy! I love him he is always so polite and a good boy! Be proud mama!

  2. ErinMarron

    can’t wait to see you guys Sunday Funday! Such a handsome boy, miss him!

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