Project Life June 18th-24th

Well I am on this week. I every couple days would work on the pages because last week when I changed it up. It was really more time consuming. So I thought if I have the chance I will do it. I did so here I am up to date!! Yippee !!!

One thing I really notice with doing it like this is I get alot more pictures in the weeks. And I love that because I take so many I felt like I had to narrow them down. This way I am getting alot more pictures in and journaling alot alot more and I love that.


What I am doing is basically a digital version. Without the templates but all in photoshop. I actually started out doing the digital version but then I changed it up because it was gettting pricey for me and I like to print as I go to feel like I am getting something done !!!!

I want to start printing at home I will get there. Alot of peeps on Intstagram print at home. I dont know if the quality is as good at Walgreens. I have a decent printer who knows ??

But I am on Instagram if you want to check out my boring life it is :


I do love it though it is instant networking sharing ideas and seeing peoples lifes !!!

I love that !!

Enjoy !!!


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One response to “Project Life June 18th-24th

  1. Sam

    You are the best project lifer! Love all of your pages! Xoxo

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