I think the greatest thing about life is its ability to change.

Everday is a new day and what you pondered on or even worried about the next day seems like off in the distance.

What you thought was important ?? is no longer.

I feel like I get that when I hear my kids laughter.

I could be stressing over someting and then we I hear laughter from my kids it just all seems so minut.

On this day I had been working on pictures trying to get stuff done and I was like kids lets go outside  and swim.

So Wyatt and Morgan followed as usually they do.

And I started cleaning up the back yard and Wyatt started squirting me laughing about it and Morgan screaming Bubby Bubby over and over again.

And then I just sit back and ponder on life like Nicole Prather why do you stress about the small things that honestly dont matter ??? There are far more worse things that could be going on in your life.

Because I am always about the lessons. I feel like God is always trying to teach me something. I am student. Always feeling like I am failing at many things. Believing that everything good and bad happens for a reason. We might not now why right then but eventually we will see.

I think that is how I get through some hard times.

Just hold on.

And I do.

The laughter just makes me realize how life is really damn short.

Tell the people you love how much you love them. Cherish them and build them up. Be thankful for them in words and in actions. Love the unlovable.


Forgivenss has been really in my heart lately.

Dont know why ??

Well I am off to edit some pictures.

And I will be back on Monday.

Until Next Time.






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2 responses to “laughter.

  1. ErinMarron

    Mini Nicole right there!!!

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