Anatomy of a Summer Day.

(1. morgan swimming. she is a fish in the water at the age of two. 2. chalk love it. the color. the picutures. 3. mo and all her junk she is bag lady. 4. feeding the dogs. they have been on a strick reginem the last couple months my lab has been a chunk  !!5. my garden i love it. peaceful relaxing and growing your own food that rocks !!!6.  i love this picture she was in my lap and i was just shooting from above. this is her. 7. my chickens or shall i say natalies chickens but they love me more. i feed them and make them happy hens organic eggs rock !!!8. slide. wwwwweeeeeeee !!!! as morgan would say. 9. and this caption would read “mmmmoooommmmmm” with that finger. put that camera away if she could talk more. )

Last week when my kids were gone at camp me and morgan got a chance to hang one on one.

Its wierd when they are gone. Wyatt and Morgan are besties.

But we hung outside alot and one day I just decided to take random pictures of our life right now.

I love this collage of this day.

I love summer. Minus the heat !!!!

Until Next Time.



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  1. Sam

    This is precious! Mogie you are loved! & have a wonderful mama!

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