Proud Mum.

Anyone that knows my oldest daughter knows she is a fish in the water.

Since an early age she has loved to swim.

I have begged her many years to go and compete !! And she has never wanted to ? I dont know why ?

So at camp there was some swim competition going on. And the funny thing is she didnt even tell me Wyatt did.

We were driving home from camp and Wyatt was like ” Mom Natty was in a swim competition “.

I was like “What”

She said “Yes Mom”

In my head I was like is this good or bad ??? But

he then was like she got second place out of seven.

And it was ages 12 and up girls and boys.

My heart was proud.

I think there has been many things I am proud of but this has to take my cake.

Her face was like “Yeah”.

I am proud of you My Nell.

I am proud of you taking the plunge in life and taking risks.

Brave in heart and in life.

You are my hero.



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  1. Sam

    Oh my goodness!!!!! So excited and happy and Proud for her!!!! Go nat nat! I agree she needs to try for swim teAm!!! So fun and I’d be a proud mum too!

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