Some Pages.

Well I finally got some pages done. Not much but something. Feel like I am getting my groove back !!!

I have never done 8.5×11 but decided to try it. Smaller less area to mess with.

So here they are. Simple I am.

Just want to document these little things to me with small journaling but good memories.

I love this page !!! simple with some circles and some lettering. But big memory for me.

This was the first one i attempted. I ripped changed moved this for at least two hours. I get frustrated because I hate my handwriting so last night I was trying to write i dont know if it the pen or what. So I just stopped and it sat in my brain from last night. I woke up this morning like I am going to get this done !!!

I did and felt good about it !!

Untiil Next Time.



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One response to “Some Pages.

  1. Sam

    You are so talented! Love love love!

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